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Who I am ? I am Stefy, Basketball player, Extreme Skier, Nerd retrocomputer addict and Information Technology manager. Not that bad.

Retro Computing: some stuff already online. Give it a look!.


AMIGA: Yep, I was used to be the organizer (and I was the founder) of the world know Amiga group RAMJAM. Just click on RamJam logo for being teleported in the 90's.
Content is still from 1997 and before, so don't expect that great gfx or what :).

Amiga      ramjam logo

Sports: Some of my extreme photos here. Go ahead, always.


Give a look to Rovio, Ticino

The European Society for Computer Preservation

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Info on Cookie Law: Since I do not live anymore more in Italy and since Italian laws are just a bunch of crap I won't place in my sites any Cookie Advice, both if they uses cookie or not to work. Italians do it worster. And do not think to ban my IPs from Italian routing adding a blackhole. Please note that it is impossible to ban hundreds thousands Ipv4 and Trillions IPv6 on several AS located in 5 continents...A Blackhole list for all NON-Italian sites will overflow Italian Privacy Officers Capabilities in 5 minutes. FUCK COOKIE LAW, we respect privacy and do not advise people that we are normal.... You, idiots.